The Prayer Room

CornerStone International House of Prayer is a place to hold prayer meetings. Our prayer meetings involve worship and prayer and are anchored in scripture. We have three types of prayer meetings where we use Harp and Bowl: intercession, devotional and worship with the word. Intercession prayer meetings focus on a specific group such as missionaries or people who are not yet saved. Devotional prayer meetings are worship directed to God declaring our love and His worth. Worship with the Word prayer meetings take a portion of scripture and use it as the basis and focus of our prayers. All of our prayer meetings are open to anyone who would like come.

Prayer Room Hours Monday and Tuesday (10am-8pm) Thursday (10-2 and 7-9) Last Saturday (7pm-10pm)

When we donʼt have live sets, we stream from the Kansas City International House of Prayer who generously allows streaming from their prayer room. Their worship leaders, singers, prayer leaders, intercessors bless our prayer room everyday. We worship and join with them in the prayers they are praying and make them our own. Come and make them your own too!