Vision, Mission and Values


Sanctuary’s Vision Sanctuary, a ministry of Cornerstone International House of Prayer, has a two-fold purpose. First, it exists as a consecrated space to proclaim the beauty and supremacy of Jesus above all else by worshipping, listening, and praying to God. Secondly, Sanctuary is a place of refuge; a safe place to connect with God and receive personal prayer from volunteer prayer ministers. In summary, the Sanctuary is both a place for us to minister to a “worthy (Rev. 4:11)” God and for us to receive ministry from God and one another (James 5:13-16).

Mission To exalt Jesus is prayer, music and song, and to provide a place for others to seek God, participate in prayer and receive prayer.

Values To be God-fearing, Loving, Humble, Grateful, Joyful, Hospitable, Generous, and Persevering.